CTV provides a complete multimedia solution suite to bring your business to the forefront of global technology opening up a wide range of digital options for internal and corporate communications and creating an innovative, dynamic and memorable customer experience.

Digital signage

CTV offers its customers broadcast and content management technologies on a variety of screens and display stands, combined with content production capabilities that enable a variety of innovative and effective media channels and solutions to disseminate marketing messages, promotions, branding and creating an unforgettable customer experience. CTV leads the largest projects in Israel: Israel Railways, Super Pharm - Israel's largest pharmacy chain, service and sales centers of Champion Motors, The National Lottery of Israel, Coca Cola and more.

Outdoor digital billboards

CTV has 23 digital outdoor screens nationwide, to which over a million people are exposed every day. CTV is the only outdoor signage company that provides its clients with ratings reports at the end of every campaign. Signage on digital screens offers many benefits to the advertiser in terms of costs and the visibility of the messages, the ability to deliver multiple messages and adapt the campaign to the weather, day of the week or referral to the nearest branch. Also, digital screens attract a lot more attention than static signs.


CTV Studio specializes in producing commercials, promotional and training films and various graphic and animation works. The studio team includes graphic designers, animators and performers who accompany our clients through the work process and provide them with creative solutions, from concept planning, through to graphic production, execution, editing and preparation to broadcast on each platform.


CTV offers its customers music services for businesses, including a professional broadcasting studio, production and musical editing services that include the use of copyright, working with various copyright associations. CTV is among the most prominent companies in Israel that provides customers with ONE STOP SHOP solutions in the digital world.